Photo by: Martin Losvik

Photo by: Martin Losvik





Few artists have left a more indelible mark than Thor Arne Losnedal, at least along the extensive network of roads in Nordland county.  He is indisputably the one artist who has laid the largest number of kilometres of asphalt.

Already in the mid-1980s, when he was a student at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, he distinguished himself from his fellow classmates in the painting hall. He resembled a road labourer, wrestling with canvases, dressed in the Public Roads Administration’s characteristic work jacket.

Beyond this, there are not many traces of asphalt in his pictures.  And barely any traces of the images in the asphalt. On the contrary. But the lengthy stretches of road in Nordland have given him a living, along with the opportunity to live out his dreams as a painter.

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Thor Arne Losnedal’s studio in Bodø documents a fanciful fauna that is a corrective to most of the discoveries made by Charles Darwin and other great figures in the natural sciences. 

City Gallery


This is Thor Arne Losnedahl’s painting of a lynx and a hunter that hangs at the entrance of Tur og Fritid in downtown Bodø.. The enterprise’s eagle logo floats overhead. 


Gallus Rex

It´s obviously getting warm around here. Don’t know if it is global warming or simply melting asphalt on a good summers day in the north? Anyway: Not a friendly environment for chickens. The work is Thor Arne Losnedahl´s contribution to NorlandiART-18, and for sale in our web gallery.