The unique artistic and art-promotional project NorlandiART narrates tales from and about Nordland county as seen through the eyes of the artists. The project began when Are Andreassen recruited 21 of his colleagues in Nordland for a collective voluntary effort that turned major parts of the county capital into a huge outdoor gallery.

The artworks were converted to foils and were mounted on city walls.  In addition to the works of the 32 living contemporary artists, NorlandiART also included visual art of deceased artists who were all influenced by and left their marks on this region of Norway.  

NorlandiaART aims to spur reflection over questions related to the significance of the locality for artists and their production. Modern technology enables one to take part in the global dialogue about artistic trends and tools, regardless of where one lives. The physical place where one lives, the basis for what one creates, represents an important difference.

Thanks to our partners and  supporters:
Nordland County Administration, Bodø Municipality, Beiarn Municipality, Gildeskål Municipality, The Cultural Business Development Foundation Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge, Bodø Building Owners Association, Bur Holding, Lovundfjellet Holding, JB Advertising, Galleri Espolin, Adelsteen Normann Foundation,