Photo by: Karl Emil Rikardsen

Photo by: Karl Emil Rikardsen





Rune Johansen grew up in Bodø and Beiarn. He had to revisit his roots in Steigen, however, before he found himself as an artist. He now lives there, between the sea and Heaven, as it were. And with all manner of kitschy items around him.

This photo artist, you see, lacks the ability to throw any more away than do those he depicts in his photos. Could this be why he is so revered by people?

His photo book “Hiv mainnskjiten” (Throw out the Junk) from 2004 turned the reticent and unpretentious photo artist from Steigen into a national celebrity.  With his sharp, but somewhat sceptical eye on day-to-day reality, he became an inspiration for many aspiring young photographers. In addition, many gained a new insight into what art is. Several books, prizes and awards followed.  And more are anticipated, although he most certainly still mourns the loss of his dear Hasselblad camera that was stolen several years ago. Only malicious tongues would suggest that it was high time for him to throw out the junk. These detractors need to be told that it is not easy for a notorious collector to get along in a world where almost everything is digital.


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The living room, filled with toy cars from Dinky Toys, at Engeløya in Northern Norway, at home with Rune Johansen.  

City Gallery


Hanging at Dama Di tavern in Storgata is Rune Johansen’s photographic observation from a window with a view towards the mountains. It was originally intended to be exhibited in another place in the city. Unfortunately, the owner of the enterprise was of the opinion that the photo might disturb his customers. But Dama Di tavern accepted him with open arms.


Fra en skjenk.jpeg

Fra en skjenk (From a sideboard)

Rune Johansen is represented by one work at NorlandiART-18, and for sale in our web gallery.