Photo by: Martin Losvik

Photo by: Martin Losvik


Per Adde



– I started in May, paddled as far as I could, abandoned the canoe on some property and hitch-hiked back to Gothenburg where I spent the winters. In the spring, I hitch-hiked back to my canoe, and continued on. I had no particular destination in mind, just northbound, northbound: Towards the mountains.

After four years of paddling, Per Adde arrived at Arjeplog. When autumn came, he chose to stay in the north.  In his bag, he had oatmeal, crispbread, a sleeping bag and a role of canvas.  He slept in a tent and in turf huts. – I froze my butt in that canvas sack, and I starved a little now and again.

Fortunately, some Sami herders showed compassion. They gave him a job as a reindeer tender and handyman. In 1961 he discovered the Erik Larsa Pond in the mountains on the Norwegian side of the border. He hauled timber by dog sledge down to the sawmill at Rognan, and back up into the mountains again in the same manner.  

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City Gallery


The canoe that transported Per Adde from Gothenburg to the mountains in the north when he was a young art student is still used today on the Erik Larsa Pond beside the studio in Graddis. 


The bicycle is a fine means of transport for seeing the pictures that hang in the NorlandiART city gallery in downtown Bodø. You can park your bicycle next to Per Adde’s picture, for example. Just remember to take the time to admire the picture before you pedal onward through the city. 

Per A Høst R.jpg

Høstrogn (Atumn Rowan)

We are very happy to present a new work by Per Adde at NorlandiART-18, and for sale in our web gallery.