Photo by: Martin Losvik: (Self portrait with cabbage)

Photo by: Martin Losvik: (Self portrait with cabbage)





Martin Losvik enjoys being where no others find their way:  In Losvik Municipality and its host of remote places, from the Losvik beach, Losvik Mountain to, not least, the Losvik Promontory.  His own inner community, where he is the chief pilot.

He makes all important decisions himself, absurd and surrealistic. The ones that mean something in a greater visual context.

Otherwise, records have it that he was born in Tysfjord but came to Bodø to study: Teachers college, sort of.

Since that time, his observations, exposures and digital processing have helped Bodø residents to familiarise themselves with the landscape and people here, and to see them in a new way.

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Photo montage

Digital grafikk_White Nights samarbeid med Kamilla Sajetz R.jpg

Photography is the basis of Martin Losvik’s art. There is often a surrealistic or humorous twist.

City Gallery


Martin Losvik’s photo was given a central position on the façade of Rustikk restaurant in Storgata. Not long afterwards, the enterprise went bankrupt. However, the art and the city gallery continue to go on living to the chagrin and job of users of centre city Bodø.



Martin Losvik expresses himself through a wide range of media and techniques. On this year’s NorlandiART exhibition, his contribution will be the experimental film “RØST”, not yet available on our website.