Photo by: Martin Losvik

Photo by: Martin Losvik





Kurt Edvin Blix Hansen grew up in Tvervika deep inside Beairn fjord. He had the dream of becoming a ship’s engineer and therefore took to the sea at the age of 15. There was no other road to take at the time, to get away from the tiny community. He proved his talent as an engineer by creating a homemade, motorised kicksledge that could cross the fjord faster than both Mercury and Evinrude-propelled boats.

This was at a time when the Beiarn fjord froze far beyond Moldfjorvika, Jensvika, Bjørnvika, Litlevika, Norlandsvika, Storåvika and Brønnvika.

The next stop was Manhattan, New York. New age: Deeply receding hairlines were the only distinction between male and female hairstyles. Take a walk on the wild side, hand in hand with Peace and Love. He cast off and eventually drifted ashore in Trondheim: The Academy of Fine Art. An artist’s studio at Lademoen.

Homesickness. So, at the close of the 1990s, he loaded the fishing boat with his belongings and chugged northward. For good. The ship’s engineer with an artist’s studio.

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City Gallery


It can be bitterly cold on the harbour during winter.  And in summer, too, as far as that is concerned. When one is looking for a warmer place in the city, one of the first things one might see is Kurt Edvin B. Hansen’s painting in the NorlandiART city gallery. 

City Gallery


It depicts an Arctic vessel frozen to a standstill in the ice. If one is dressed appropriately for harsh climate conditions, this is worth thinking about. Otherwise, all one needs to do is to come inside the restaurant or the area close to the Rydmark building in Sjøgata. 

Arktisk, Evighetens landskap 95x205 (1).jpg

Landscapes of eternity

Kurt Edvin B Hansen made this work after a visit to Ny Ålesund at Svalbard. It was the cover picture on Kai Jeger Mikalsen´s book “Frostbrann” which is a biography of the artist.