Photo by: Karl Emil Rikardsen

Photo by: Karl Emil Rikardsen





He makes no bones about the fact that natural surroundings in Northern Norway have never been a source of inspiration for his art.

The cafeteria at the local supermarket, however, is a source: He meets the local citizens here. The people who represent local society. He listens to their voices. Conversations. Expressions. The banter. And then there is his humorous, satirical take on what he sees, hears and reads. Not only about what goes on at the supermarket. He can find inspiration in politics, the news, statements and connections. Examine his images. They are funny, rich in detail and masterful in execution.

Karl Gustav Gjertsen hails from Vestvågøy in Lofoten, but he moved to Narvik after completing his art education. At a pub in Tromsø, he was referred to as visual art’s answer to Northern Norway’s humorist Arthur Arntzen. 

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Karl Gustav Gjertsen says that the natural surroundings he sees are not a source of inspiration. In his Narvik studio, however, there are many traces of the culture to which he belongs. Here we see one example of recycled scoop bailers.

City Gallery


Pavarotta and Mus-i-kantene adorns the wall outside the Tur & Fritid shop in downtown Bodø. 

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En Pol Ferd

Karl Gustav Gjertsen is represented by two works at NorlandiART-18. Both works are possible ti buy from our web gallery