Photo by: Martin Losvik

Photo by: Martin Losvik





Kari Dahlmo spends much of her time in the studio she built in her parents’ garden, in the centre of Bodø. It is filled with pictures. Good atmosphere.  Traces of a lived painter’s life. We visited this garden already in the 1970s, long before anyone noticed that an artist was growing up here.

At the time, it was the family cat that ruled. He was absolutely the largest tomcat ever tor sneak around the city. And we have had a few here!

The “cat devil”, as Kari’s big brother lovingly called him, was the size of an average lynx. His tail was cut back to the standard 5 cm lynx tail after a harsh encounter with a car that failed to respect the territorial rights of this terror of the streets.

There is little reason to believe that the car had a single feather intact after the scuffle.

Kari acquired a solid education in art from Trondheim, Kent and Oslo before returning to establish a studio in her home town.

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Kari Elisabeth Dahlmo built her studio on the grounds of her childhood home in centre-city Bodø. 

City Gallery


Her art adorns the façade of Stormen Concert Hall facing Sandgata.


My Little Town

Kari Dahlmo is represented by two works at NorlandiART-18. You may buy both through our web gallery.