Photo by: Martin Losvik

Photo by: Martin Losvik





There was no bathing when we visited Sandnessjøen. We only barely stuck a toe into the well-tempered cultural bath consisting of colourful works of art. But we did meet the bath mistress.

Ina Otzko had summoned a strong heat of international Street Art performers. Here – in these fair waters, where the street scene can be described almost as a short pool, in comparison to the waterways that the bath mistress frequently navigates.

She was educated in the arts in London and Berlin, with frequent working periods in Germany and Italy. Sojourns in other places as well have left their mark on her works.

Photography, video, performance, installation, text, sculpture and sound. A visual artist who avails herself of all dimensions. Inner and outer. A nomad and citizen of the world who learned yoga in India.

From Sandnessjøen, in the centre of the world.

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The world is Ina Otzko’s workplace for the creation of works that have a strongly personal presence and expression. Her home base, however, is Sandnessjøen, where the personal expression has its point of departure.

City Gallery


Ina Otzkos art adorns Stormen Concert Hall facing Storgata in the centre of Bodø.



Ina Otzko´s work Mutatio/Pietà is the “poster” of the exhibition NorlandiART-18, and honored by facebook with their sensorship. You may see it, and also buy it in our webgalleri