Photo by: Karl Emil Rikardsen

Photo by: Karl Emil Rikardsen





If you should pop in for a visit at Hugo Aasjord’s home on Engeløya in Steigen, chances are good that you will experience a smoke-filled evening featuring home-made sausages. He smokes them in his very own smokehouse. Others might even risk a high-speed outing in an RIB on a hunt for Greenland sharks in Vestfjord. This is the stuff of international best sellers.

We have to admit that this last event was an account narrated by novelist Morten Strøksnes. Hugo Aasjord is actually the main character in Strøksnes’ critically acclaimed best seller, Havboka. So it is not very likely that any other authors will be able to enjoy shark-fishing off the shores of Skrova in the company of visual artist Aasjord from Steigen.  

Sausages from his own smokehouse, however, are meticulously prepared by an artist who also devours a daily dose of Derrick television episodes to keep up the verisimilitude of his second language.  The fact is, he studied in Germany during the 1970s. Perhaps he learnt a few secrets about sausage-making as well. 

Hugo Aasjord moved home to Steigen and Engeløy Island after studies in Germany and a few years working in Tromsø. In Steigen, he has his own gallery and, as previously mentioned, his own smokehouse.  He bears his age well here. 

From time to time, he travels at full throttle across Vestfjord towards Skrova Island. There he is currently restoring a long-established family enterprise. He plans to attract more tourists to the island where the erstwhile population mainly made their living hunting whales. Today there is little whaling and shark fishing, but there will be art. At any rate, there will definitely be art.

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Hugo Aasjord surrounds himself with creatures from the ocean depths and the breezy heights. He scored points by exhibiting a dried cat that had been found inside the wall of a house.  This view is from a window at home on Engeløy Island in Steigen.


City Gallery


Everything seen from the inside of Central Atrium and out onto Dronningens gate looks normal. This is due to the fact that Hugo Aasjord’s art is mounted on the window pane but is visible only from the outside. Under certain lighting conditions, the images are transparent. One gains insight and an outlook. Two for the price of one.



Object in Landscape

Hugo Aasjord´s acrylic painting Object in Landscape from 2018 is a part of the exhibition NorlandiART-18, and is for sale in our web gallery.