Photo by: Martin Losvik

Photo by: Martin Losvik






He took his time and completed a thorough education before he took the plunge into life as an artist. This was not because the heritage he bore was too heavy a burden. He had never really chosen to create sculptures in unmanageable dimensions.

Harald Bodøgaard was born into an artist’s family; his father, painter Oscar Bodøgaard was an omnipresent dreamer and creative capacity. Harald took another path and chose to train to be a cabinet maker.  Almost a clash of generations.

At a time when most people bought mass-produced furniture in flat-packs, Harald found his own way into the world of art. He was admitted to the Oslo Academy of Fine Art, where he created objects that were much harder to sit on than those he made as a cabinet maker. Harald became a sculptor and thereby avoided comparison with his father, the painter.

Harald thrived in Oslo. He thrived in other places as well. However, he never found a viable alternative to his home town.
– When you look around, you won’t find anything any better, he says. The landscape is an integral part of him. It cannot be amputated. 

Together with his father, Harald opened Gallery Bodøgaard. The gallery currently houses Northern Norway’s largest private collection of art and cultural objects and was expanded in summer 2004 by almost 600 square metres of exhibition space in addition to an outdoor area featuring sculptures of, among others, Lars Vilks and Steinar Christensen.



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Gallery Bodøgaard is Harald and Oscar Bodøgaard’s massive contribution to the dissemination of art in Northern Norway. There is also a large sculpture park here.

City Gallery


At Dama Di tavern in Storgata, a picture of Harald Bodøgaard’s sculpture hangs side by side with photographer Rune Johansen’s photograph. It is said to be questionable as to which of these two artists Dama Di (Your Lady) is most attracted. We will simply have to live with that.

Harald Bodøgaard skulptur A.jpg

Lux incrementum

Harald Bodøgaard shows his sculpture “Lux Incrementum” and four other works at NorlandiART-18. They are all for sale in our web gallery.