Photo by: Martin Losvik

Photo by: Martin Losvik





After graduating from the Norwegian National Academy of Fine Arts, young Espen Tversland drifted with urbane art currents in Oslo.

From gallery to gallery: To gallery.

Things began to repeat themselves, you might say. He had wound up in a backwater, and there were few ripples on the surface. He was at a standstill in his net pen.  Always returning to the same spot but without finding his way to the river.

It was time to break with the pattern. Young Tversland escaped from the net and headed north. In Helgeland, he needed to stop to fill up his tank.

He inhaled a breath of freedom and parked his car in Brønnøysund. Here he found ocean currents and skerries. Vast rivers. Edvatnet and Engavatnet lakes.

The intersection between human impact and pristine nature. This is what he is looking for: In art as well.

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City Gallery


Espen Tversland’s art adorns part of the façade of Stormen Library, facing Sjøgata in downtown Bodø



Espen Tversland is represented by three new works on the group exhibition NorlandiART-18, and in our gallery.