Photo by: Karl Emil Rikardsen

Photo by: Karl Emil Rikardsen





Born in Tromsø, raised in Harstad, a student in Cardiff and Trondheim.

Love brought him to Gildeskål municipality’s Fleinvær, a collection of islets in the middle of Vestfjord, some 20 km south-west of Bodø.  He is still here, a decade after his marriage broke up. This is his home and his workplace. He has lost his soul to Fleinvær. and he has invested all he owns in building a studio and residence.

He has lived 60 years, but he is nevertheless the youngest active member of the local youth club in which the majority of members have hardly lived in the village at all. He is the only permanent resident of the islet he inhabits, but he surrounds himself with a harem of audacious willow ptarmigans who ruffle their feathers for the master of the islet, or for any others whom they deem deserving. The flock of grouse have been granted asylum here on the open ocean, safely remote from trigger-happy hunters on the mainland. During the winter, there is little food for the birds, but the Fleinvær artist has a separate budget post for bird feed earmarked hungry grouse.

A master in graphic engraving A natural talent in need of the majestic landscape that life on an islet in Vestfjord has to offer.

A restless soul, curious and eager to discover new things in unfamiliar waters; a fountainhead of ideas and visions.

NorlandiART is one of these.

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Are A i terrenget.jpg

Are Andreassen is the originator and primus motor behind the NorlandiART project. His well of ideas and projects takes him many places, both on shore and in open waters. At home in Fleinvær, in Gildeskål Municipality, he finds peace of mind and a quiet place to work.  An additional flat and studio in Bodø cover his more urbane needs. 

City Gallery


Are Andreassen’s contribution to Bodø’s city gallery can be viewed on the façade of the Dama Di tavern located in Sjøgata. His art shares wall space with art by Martin Losvik.


Masked Querini

Are Andreassen´s contribution to the NorlandiART-18 exhibition are two woodcuts from his series inspired by the history and myths about the venetian noble, Pietro Querini, who stranded with the few survivors of his crew on the remote islands of Røst in 1432.